The Who T Shirt

Band Name: The Who
Years Active: 1964-1982, 1985, 1988-89
Origin: London, UK
Genre: Rock,
Band Members: Pete Townsend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon
Getting a The Who t shirt has been a long-standing way of announcing a rock infatuation, ever since the band first formed in 1964. One of the biggest and greatest British rock bands of all time, The Who not only distinguished themselves by smashing up their instruments but also with a variety of iconic imagery.

The red, white and blue three circled logo, featuring an upward arrow is one of the most instantly recognisable band logos around and is emblazoned on many The Who t shirts around the world. But that isnít the only design that youíll find on a The Who t shirt.

The Who Classic Rock Designs

  • The iconic three circle band logo
  • My Generation album cover
  • Tommy album cover
  • Who Are You album cover
  • Images from performances such as Live at Leeds
  • Band group shots (often in black and white)
  • Instrument Destruction
If you wanted a The Who t shirt back when the band was first starting up in the Mod culture then you had to depend on fan-made creations.  Compared to the screen printed and long lasting graphics we can easily find today, itís certainly a far cry from a quality band tee but these shirts were made for a growing movement.

People hadnít supported bands in the same way before and for the first time there was a desperate market for their own The Who t shirt, as well as other classic rock bands such as The Rolling Stones and Alice Cooper. As these iconic bands began to offer bolder and louder images that epitomised their sound and attitude, it was only natural that the fans would want to have a piece of that imagery to call their own. For many, classic rock merch is where it all started and is probably why so many people still want a The Who t shirt.

Iconic Rock & Roll Style Courtesy Of Classic British Band The Who

Brands like Amplified clothing donít just offer The Who t shirts with new screen printed graphics but give their customers a vintage feel that is perfect for classic rock merch. Bringing together some of the most iconic imagery of the bandís career, The Who offers plenty of rock images that inspire the same attitude over 40 years later.

Getting band t shirts has become a fashion statement as much as a way to show your music tastes and there are some who wear a The Who t shirt because their image has become a part of our culture just as much as the music. Whilst some fans may be displeased by this, it shows how important The Who were that their t shirt designs have become something other than just support for their music.

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The Who T Shirt

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