Abbey Dawn Dresses

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Abbey Dawn Dresses

Stunning Abbey Dawn dresses have now hit the UK fashion scene after Avril Lavigne released her amazing clothing line to Britain. She started her alternative fashion collection in the 21st century and let her women’s dresses, skirts and tops become available to the U.S in 2008. Her big break was when she teamed up with a big name retail chain in July and then later went on to open up her first outlet in October that year.

The popularity of her punk clothes made her the top selling store in Laforet for the 2 month exclusive period she was there. The most popular area of her clothing line was her Abbey Dawn dresses due to their punk style and authentic touch that truly stood above other designs.

Avril's Awesome Collection Of Abbey Dawn Clothing

Not only selling Abbey Dawn dresses, Avril also sells much more apparel and styles including:
  • Accessories: With a variety of sunglasses, bags and wallets, the Abbey Dawn collection is full of diverse accessories that effortlessly have that punk feel that we love.
  • Shoes: Fashioning shoes never seen before, this collection of footwear has some of the most outrageous designs available, ensuring she has given individuals a chance to express their alternative style.
  • Bikinis: Bringing a vibrant edge to the summer, this Abbey Dawn clothing collection has bikinis that will stand out on any beach.
  • Shorts: Adding a grunge touch to her range, the Abbey Dawn shorts in this collection have dark themes and rockabilly styles that are perfect for the alternative fashion scene.
  • T Shirts: Presenting vibrant and loud prints, this collection is one of Avril Lavigne’s most eccentric and with the addition of unique graphics, they truly have that extra special something.

Rockstar Fashion For All Occasions!

With so many of these Abbey Dawn dresses having a unique touch, it is no wonder Avril has made a huge impact in Britain. The Canadian singer/songwriter has effortlessly made her fashion line global and with women’s dresses like these it was inevitable.

She has come a long way since she first started and has even released new ideas on to her website. Full of quirky and unique styles, this punk clothing collection features dresses that have eye catching detail her millions of fans love. From netted skirts to skull prints, this range of Abbey Dawn dresses allows women to effortlessly express their diverse style.
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