Checker Shirts

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Checker Shirts

No style is complete without checker shirts. An incredibly versatile piece of apparel, checkered shirts are great for casual and more formal attire thanks to their button up design and range of styles. You can easily wear a checker shirt in conjunction with a pair of jeans, trousers or shorts, making them a very appealing choice all year round.

Smarten Up Your Appearance With Awesome Checker Shirts

Checker shirts come in a huge range of colours and styles, depending on how large you want the check print to be or how vivid you want the design. Checker shirts can also be made from a range of fabrics such as lightweight cotton for formal shirts or thicker flannel for something more casual.

Regardless of the style, a checker shirt for men is a style choice that many people make (including girls!) and there are a range of brands that offer the chance to purchase your own either in store or online such as:
  • Criminal Damage
  • Dickies
  • Disturbia
  • DC
  • Jack Daniels
Checker shirts can create a range of styles depending on what they're worn with. Many people enjoy referring to them as lumberjack shirts, particularly when they’re red and black and worn with dark jeans but you can also pair a check shirt with a pale pair of shorts and a black tank top.

Get A Rock And Roll Look Everyone's Wearing - Checker Shirts!

Criminal Damage in particular offer a great range of men’s checker shirts in a variety of colours, giving you the option to wear them at a variety of occasions. Perfect for a night out or wearing day-to-day, their long sleeve design also makes them perfect for wearing out if you’re not sure about how warm it’s going to be. Honestly, checker shirts are a necessary part of so many great looking outfits, it’s hard to understand why someone wouldn’t have one!

Great looking for guys, checker shirts can also look great on girls, especially when you tie each side into a knot rather than buttoning up. This style is great for summer and means that your shoulders and arms are covered but you’re also feeling cool in the sun. Checker shirts often come with handy pockets over the chest, particularly from brands such as Criminal Damage and they’re ideal for storing your phone or ID.

Affordable and great looking, plus the ideal element to complete many different outfits, men’s checkered shirts are a great choice for many stylish individuals. 

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