Vixxsin Hoodies

Poizen Industries clothing always delivers great alternative styles and their latest collection of dark Vixxsin Hoodies will have you as cosy as can be on inside but on the outside your unique image will be looking as cool as ice. One of the many sister brands of Poizen Industries, Vixxsin has been created to fill a gothic void for cool and edgy clothing that shares comfortable and fashionable traits in abundance.

Styles Of Vixxsin Hoodies For The Female Gothic Crowd And Ladies Who Love Alternative Fashion

Vixxsin hooded tops manage to incorporate a wide range of unique designs which helps them stand out from other brands in demand. These details can include:
  • Zip Fastening
  • Lace Decoration For Vintage Gothic Appeal
  • Pentagrams For Added Decoration And Feeling From The Dark Arts
  • Corset Constructions
  • Tattoo Inspired Designs For Relevant Underground & Alternative Cultural References
  • Safety Pin Decorations For That Punk Edge
The latest Vixxsin hoody designs practice the perfect blend of practical style and awesome dark designs. Each hoodie is comfortable to wear and often comes with a zip up front or over the head design. Some constructions even include zips down the whole back of the hoodie for unique and unfamiliar flair.

Inspiration Behind Vixxsin Hoodies

Vixxsin is influenced by both contemporary and vintage gothic fashion and culture. This unique fashion brand takes nods from the dark industrial tones of Steampunk all the way to vivid tattoo inspired prints influenced by underground cultures. With tattoo art growing ever more popular within mainstream fashion, you can now claim extreme tattoo artwork on Vixxsin hoodies and tops to really show off your alternative raw edge and style.

All of the Vixxsin clothing available at Blue Banana is designed with alternative women in mind, the majority of hoodies come with an attractive slim fitted cut that doesn’t lose anything on warmth but hugs your figure and helps to shows off your feminine shape. Choosing from our Vixxsin hoodies could be a challenge, especially when this awesome brand has so many great bottoms and tops to match them with!
Embrace The Warmth & Style From The Alternative Fashion Brand Poizen Industries With Vixxsin Hoodies
Poizen Industries are known for their bold printed designs, using sub brands such as Cupcake Cult and Luv Bunny to feed alternative tastes. But Vixxsin somewhat breaks the mould, they are less about creepy cartoons and more about tattoo influenced art and industrial designs. So if you like the sound of this style and you want a reliable, comfortable and fashionable hoodie to let your alternative or gothic image flourish then seize this moment using new Vixxsin clothes.

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Vixxsin Hoodies

Vixxsin by Poizen Industries Monroe Skinny Fit Hoodie (Black)
Vixxsin by Poizen Industries Monroe Skinny Fit Hoodie (Black)