Trendy Lip Wraps

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Trendy Lip Wraps

Brand new Trendy lip wraps are a cosmetics sensation for girls who want to give themselves a look thatíll never be forgotten. Lip wraps are a range of temporary lip tattoos that are easy to apply and give long lasting colour without any hassle.

With a single lip wrap, youíll have a colourful lip design that you could never achieve with lipstick or lip gloss that wonít be smudged by food or drink. In addition, each application of Trendy lip wraps lasts for 4-8 hours, meaning that youíll have an amazing look on a night out that no one else will be able to match!

Trendy Lip Wraps Come In A Huge Range Of Styles

Trendy lip wraps come in a range of styles and colours:
  • Animal Print
  • Written Word
  • Solid Colour
  • Striped
  • Flags
  • Polka Dot
  • Flower Print
  • Checkered
The selection of Trendy lip wraps makes them the perfect choice for alternative style. All you need to apply these temporary lip tattoos is some water to blot and youíll soon have an attractive look that will have people wondering how you got it.

The range of designs also mean that you can either opt for a subtle lip wrap such as the pink snake skin design or something bold and unmissable like the rainbow stripe. Whatever look youíre aiming for, Trendy lip wraps donít need any maintenance so you can enjoy your evening knowing that your lips look amazing. 

Try Out Something New With Your Lips And Wrap Them Up With Trendiness!

Trendy lip wraps are the latest thing for alternative cosmetics, completely revolutionising the way you can make your lips look. Each pack comes with three temporary lip tattoos and youíll have plenty of reasons to wear them. Celebrities have been seen proudly wearing lip wraps and those who are wearing them now are a cut above the rest in terms of alternative cosmetics.

Trendy also make their lip wraps from quality materials and have a reputation for providing excellent alternative cosmetics such as their popular nail wraps. For an attractive look that sets people apart, Trendy lip wraps are the perfect choice for lovers of alternative style. 

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