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Cupcake Cult Hoodies

Stylish Cupcake Cult hoodies are the perfect addition to alternative outfits, thanks to their versatile style and range of designs. Cupcake Cult is a sub brand of Poizen Industries, one of the boldest gothic labels around and often using the same team of twisted designers to create their awesome gothic sweatshirts and hoodies.

Join The Cupcake Cult And Wear One Of Their Dark & Quirky Hoodies!

Totally unique in their approach to alternative clothing, Cupcake Cult designs look cartoonish from a distance but often reveal their darker nature the closer you get. Many of their hoodies come with printed designs that have a wide array of inspiration, always with a dark and sadistic twist:
  • T Shows
  • Films
  • Fairies
  • Bunnies
  • Monsters
  • Books
  • Gothic Girls
Wearing a hoodie from Cupcake Cult is sure to get you noticed, as their sweatshirts can easily be divided into two very different styles. Their dark printed hoodies feature some of the boldest Cupcake Cult designs around, often featuring bright colours and cartoonish designs.

Monster Themed Hoodies, Spawned By The Cupcake Cult!

Recently, Cupcake Cult have also allowed you to choose a monster hoodie of your very own, offering bright and colourful sweatshirts that also feature details and designs on the hoods and sleeves. These bright and playful hoodies may seem like a far cry from their twisted, printed gothic sweatshirts but they both come with Cupcake Cultís unique attitude and approach, as well as their stylish design. 

Great looking Cupcake Cult hoodies are also made with quality in mind, with all their distinctive details and features being made to last. Many gothic sweatshirts from this brand are made of 100% cotton and can come with a zip up design for you to layer over your other favourite tops all year round.

If you want a hoodie that features a monster design or a gothic sweatshirt that will have heads turning then Cupcake Cult has been a prime choice for the alternative scene for years. From the mad minds that brought you Poizen Industries, Cupcake Cult hoodies are an affordable style option that is made to be noticed. 

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