Metal Mulisha Maidens

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Metal Mulisha Maidens

The world of Metal Mulisha was created in the buzz of freestyle motocross. In this adrenaline filled extreme sport, it’s not surprising that many of those who participate and follow motocross are male. This is why it’s a testament to Metal Mulisha’s amazing design team that they’ve managed to create such a spectacular range of women’s motocross clothing, dubbing it their Metal Mulisha maidens section.

Metal Mulisha Maidens Gives Girls The Chance To Dress With Motocross Attitude!

Not giving an inch in terms of their unique attitude, this brand's range of women’s clothing features all of their iconic style, perfectly fitted for the female form. The maidens range also gets many items that men have no desire for, creating an extensive range that includes must-have such as:
  • T shirts
  • Tops & Tanks
  • Dresses
  • Fleeces
  • Denim Pants
  • Shorts
  • Jackets
In addition to the Metal Mulisha maidens clothing, women can wear many of their impressive accessories, creating a range of women’s motocross outfits that is unparalleled. Achieving the perfect blend between active and rugged clothing with fashion and style, Metal Mulisha provides women’s motocross clothing for those who want to get themselves greasy or for girls who just want to support an excellent alternative brand.

With hundreds of unique items and designs, their clothing is always made to the highest quality and with a real focus on comfort in their design. Of course, what really draws maidens to Metal Mulisha clothing is the distinctive designs, whether that involves a bright and colourful printed design or just a unique take on a dress. With many styles featuring Metal Mulisha’s unique helmet skull, women don’t need to worry about getting any less of the motocross attitude that this brand represents. 

Extreme Sports Fashion Tailored To Women's Needs - Metal Mulisha Maidens!

When you look at the Metal Mulisha maidens range, it’s amazing to look at the sheer range of style and designs. From rugged hoodies to gorgeous strapless dresses, there is something for every kind of woman here. With many of their motocross clothing featuring their traditional dark style, Metal Mulisha has become the perfect brand for extreme girls looking for some impressive urban fashion.

This sports brand also encourages young ladies to upload their own photos of their Metal Mulisha fashion to become an official Metal Mulisha maiden. With their own collection of gorgeous models to show off their excellent range of clothing and hundreds of boutiques around the world supporting their brand, being a Metal Mulisha maiden has never been easier – or more rewarding!