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Barry M Gelly Nail Paint (Kiwi)
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint (Kiwi)
£3.99was £4.99
If you have a passion for creating fabulous nail designs, then check out our awesome nail art design supplies! We have a great range of supplies to pull off all different kinds of nail art techniques, including the hottest styles in nail cosmetics. Youíll only find the finest materials here that nail enthusiasts of all skill levels can use.

Our range of nail art design supplies include a whole host of different quality materials in many shapes and colours, so youíre bound to find everything you need to match your personality and style. Glitters, foils, acrylics, caviar beads and striping tape make up just a small sampling of all the designs you can create for yourself!

A Great Range Of High Quality Nail Art Designs

We have a huge variety of gorgeous nail supplies that come in all shapes, sizes and colours so you can find the perfect nail art design to pursue when it comes to giving your nails a fabulous makeover. Each and every individual product is of the very best quality to ensure your nails give a long lasting impression and arenít ruined before you even get to show them off. Nail art supplies like these are the kinds used by professional technicians, but theyíre still surprisingly easy for even the most rookie of nail enthusiasts to be able to pull off stunning designs.

Thereís such a great choice amongst our collection that youíll find it a tough time choosing your favourite nail art design to try out for yourself. There are glitters, caviar beads, striping tape, foils, metal leaf and a great variety of acrylics, stickers and studs which allow you to give nails your own stamp of personality. Youíll find designs in every popular colour imaginable too and our gorgeous acrylics feature unique designs such as cupcakes, hearts, stars, butterflies and many, many more fantastic shapes and styles. All are easy to learn how to use and can be combined for some truly fabulous nail art.

Choose Your Favourite Fabulous Nail Design

ē    High Quality Nail Art Design Supplies
ē    Great Range Of Nail Decorations, Including Glitter, Acrylics, Foils & Caviar Beads
ē    Limitless Possibilities For Unique & Beautiful Nail Art

With such a great range of quality materials on offer, youíre free to recreate even the most ambitious of nail art designs. You donít need extensive training in nail beauty to get the best out of them and itís a tough time picking between a stunning selection of nail glitters, studs, acrylics, stickers, foils, metal leaves and caviar beads that come in many different colours and styles. So donít miss out on learning a new trick or two by trying out one of our fantastic nail art designs!