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Glitter Body Art

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Manic Panic Big Dots Glitter Jewels (Multi)
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If you’re looking for fun activities for yourself or a younger loved one then this glitter body art is just what you need to give them that extra bit of fun. These sets are a particular big hit with younger girls to play with their friends in creating some sparkly tats that are simple enough to wash off once they’re done.

If you’re a parent or frequently babysit then an easy way to distract children from becoming bored and to make slumber parties more interesting, our glitter body art tattoos are here to save the day! If the child in your life has a creative streak then this is a fun way for them to demonstrate this side to themselves.

Enhance Your Look With This Glitter Body Art

If you’ve been struggling with gift ideas to get the children in your life for birthdays or Christmas, then our glitter body art sets are here to save the day that makes the perfect activity for when their friends come over. These simple kits come with a number of different glitter colours as well as a selection of stencils to make creating stunning designs even easier.

Of course our glitter body art isn’t limited to children’s products, as we have plenty of glitter body gel for adults to use when they want to add some sparkle to their party looks. These gels come in a number of different shades to pick from that washes easily in the shower.  Perfect if you needed to stand out at that themed party or enhance a fancy dress costume, not that you need a reason to make yourself sparkly!

Love Creating Original Body Art? Then You’ll Love Our Glittery Items!

Glitter body art is one of the funniest ways to change up your look, and whilst it gives you plenty of amusement, you’ll find it amuses others just as much! Get your friends together and create some hilarious designs on either a girly night in or just before a night out on the tiles for a night that’s even more memorable.

All of our glitter body art is easy to use and won’t be a pain to remove like other glittered add-ons. Even if you wanted a quick experiment, you’ll find it washes off easily until a running tap.