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Bunny Suicides

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Bunny Suicides Torch Mug (Yellow)
Bunny Suicides Torch Mug (Yellow)
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If you were trying to come up with a quirky present for a loved one with an awesome sense of humour, then Bunny Suicides gifts is definitely the way to go! Whilst it might seem a tad morbid, these masochistic bunnies seem to love competition with one another over who can enact the most original suicide, though it’s a shame that they don’t live long enough to see their ranking.

Whether it’s meant as a way of showing your gratitude or a present for a special occasion, your loved one will love these quirky Bunny Suicides gifts of ours. What better memorable gift to give that friend will a creative sense of humour, and as it’s well known that people like you more when you give them gifts, they’ll be burdened with feelings of loyalty and kindness towards you.

Looking For The Perfect Gifts? Bunny Suicides Is The Way To Go!

When looking for the best Bunny Suicides gifts, you’ll particularly appreciate our selection of cups and mugs. Whilst other presents will get used a few times but then get forgotten about, your friend will enjoy their cups every time they get a hot drink and they will be filled with intense emotions of why rabbits wish for death, all thanks to you. 

One of the reasons that Bunny Suicides gifts have gained such a huge following is because of their originality and fearlessness in creating items that involve rabbits taking their own lives. Of course this is in jest, and nobody would receive any kind of happiness is seeing a cute rabbit putting themselves in a toaster, so make sure the intended recipient has a sense of humour or risk giving them an emotional breakdown.

Have Weird Friends? Give Them Bunny Suicides Gifts!

Because we know that you want your Bunny Suicides gifts to last you for a long time to come, we’ve made them from the most reliable materials and with an OCD level of attention to detail so that you’re receiving your depressed rabbit items in prime condition. It may seem a tad ironic, but we’re convinced that these items will last you so long, they’ll likely outlive you.

Bunny Suicide gifts are ideal for the collectors out there with a bizarre fetish for suicidal animal merchandise, and whether you like to keep yours shelved for all to see or get use out of your items every day, we have just what you need to make your collection complete.