If you enjoy the alternative rock band from America then youíll appreciate Sonic Youth merch more than anyone. This group originally formed in the early 80ís, and given a lot of the credit for currently music genres such as indie rock. Their fans are not alone in the inspiration of the band as plenty of bands have listed them an inspiration behind their own sound.

Whilst some Sonic Youth merch would make the perfect treat for yourself, it also makes to perfect gift for any loved ones you know who have a love of the band. Itís common knowledge that once youíre handed merchandise of your favourite band you immediately start to like the gift giver more, and thereís nothing wrong with buying a little love!

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We not only have plenty of Sonic Youth merch for you to enjoy, but also home a lot of other music t shirts that our bound to strike a chord with you. From Avenged Sevenfold to Yellowcard, youíll find yours or a loved oneís favourite band merchandise thatíll make the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas, or just an display of appreciation.

Whilst many bands feel inspired by the band and like to display their support with Sonic Youth merch, the band has its own influencers behind its unique sound. One of the biggest influencers behind the bandís sound and lyrics have been from the fairly unknown singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell, who even inspired the band to write a song about her.

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When picking out the best Sonic Youth merch, you may wish to invest in Daydream Nation, one of their most popular albums that has been hailed as one of the greatest albums of the decade. Despite this the album experienced  lot of distribution issues which meant that the alum wasnít easy to purchase and didnít get the amount of attention it deserved.

When a lot of people look at your Sonic Youth merch, one of the first things that come to mind are the bands unique sound due to tuning. Because they wanted their sound to stand out from the rest, and because quality instruments are quite costly, the band opted for a way of tuning that instruments that transform instruments in a similar way you would with blues music.