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Cartilage Earrings

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Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Seamless Ring (Black)
Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Seamless Ring (Black)
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Ear piercings are undoubtedly the most popular body modifications in the UK, and, indeed, the world. With demand for cartilage earrings at its highest level for years, those of us with piercings are searching for even better quality when it comes to our body jewellery, with titanium, plasma gold and surgical steel all at the top of the list for safety and comfort in our cartilage piercings.

What makes a good piece of body jewellery, especially when we’re talking about cartilage earrings? The simplest way to ensure you’re getting the safest and most comfortable piece of jewellery for your cartilage piercing is to make sure you’re avoiding sterling silver, plated gold or other forms of costume jewellery. Sterling silver has the potential to oxidise, especially when it comes into contact with your body tissue or fluids, resulting in a tarnish on the metal which you certainly don’t want on an open wound.

How To Get The Best Cartilage Earrings For Your Money

As well as avoiding sterling, you’ll want to stay away from costume jewellery which often contains a large amount of nickel. Plated gold (not to be confused with our Plasma Gold), should be avoided because if it scratches it provides a perfect place for bacteria to breed. Instead, look for titanium, plasma gold or surgical steel, which provide the greatest protection against possible infection. Our body jewellery and cartilage earrings are all virtually impossible to be allergic to as well, meaning you can look great without the worry of rejection.

Obviously, it’s likely you got a piercing for the fashion impact it can have on your alternative style. Therefore, as well as discussing how to stay safe with jewellery we also need to examine how to make sure you’re looking good too. Thankfully, the three crucial types of jewellery that are the safest for a new piercing can also have some of the coolest looks for your piercing possible. With coloured titanium cartilage earrings in black, rainbow and various other designs you’ll be spoilt for choice – and if you fancy Plasma Gold then you’ve got a great selection to browse here at Blue Banana.

Don’t Compromise Cartilage Safety For Earrings Style, Or The Other Way Around

If it seems too good to be true it probably is, right? Wrong in this case, because our cartilage earrings are able to give you the best chance of acceptance as well as looking stunning at the same time. You don’t need to settle for poor quality jewellery that looks fantastic, or boring jewellery that is going to keep your piercing safe. Get the best of both worlds here at Blue Banana – and act fast for our best body jewellery deals on all our ball closure rings and barbells.