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Peter Murphy

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Peter Murphy has been praised as the Godfather of Goth and for good reason too! The front man of Bauhaus has been credited for being a driving force behind the Goth movement, and anyone who particularly appreciates his work would appreciate owner their own Peter Murphy merch as well.

If you have someone in your life that is a particularly big fan of Peter Murphy, then why not make their day with some official Peter Murphy merch. Whether itís a special occasion such as Christmas or you did something wrong and you need a gift to grovel with, the gift of your favourite music merchandise will take you far.

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All of our Peter Murphy merch has been made with only the best materials and attention to detail, thatíll ensure your gear will arrive in the condition youíd expect from official merchandise. As band t shirts are one of the most loved items of clothing

Whilst we have plenty of Peter Murphy merch, itíd be a huge mistake to think that we canít float your boat when it comes to other merchandise. Our extensive band gear consists of band t shirts, posters, CDs and much more, with a variety of different bands and artists to explore. Whether you love classic rock and roll or some modern alternative rock youíll find something that suits you.

If You Love Peter Murphy, Then Youíll Love This Selection Of Band Merch!

 As he is going on tour in 2013, thereís no better time to wear you Peter Murphy merch then when youíre seeing the singer live in all his glory. Even if you wonít be going to his tour, wearing a t shirt or other clothing of the Godfather of Goth in his honour at those rock nights out is just as acceptable.

When it comes to owning the best Peter Murphy merch, thereís a lot you can do to show off your adoration. Band and music tees never go out of fashion, and during the winter times youíll be grateful during the frosty wearing when you have your own cosy band hoodie to snuggle into.