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Stargazer Chrome 235 Nail Polish (Purple)
Stargazer Chrome 235 Nail Polish (Purple)
Making an impact with your nails is easy thanks to our stunning range of nail polish and varnish, which are ideal for every emo, scene or gothic style you care to think about. With seemingly every colour and style of nail paint in the world in our selection you’re sure to find something to satisfy your manicure desires, no matter what fashion you’re trying to achieve.

Amongst the styles available in our collection include crackle nail polish, magnetic nail varnish and luminescent nail paint to name but a few. With colours ranging from gothic black to wild scene greens, there’s no limit to what you can achieve on your nails thanks to our huge variety of manicure pots and tools.

There are so many different colours available within our nail polish selection that you’ll find yourself absolutely spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking to achieve a dark look with bold blacks and dark blues or want something totally bright and dazzling with chrome silvers, pinks or yellows, there’s nothing holding you back thanks to our wicked array of shades.

Top Nail Polish Brands In Our Colourful Manicure Collection

We simply refuse to stock poor quality products and our nail polish, varnish and paint selection is no exception to that rule. With top brands amongst our scene, gothic and emo nail paint colouring we’re absolutely confident in the quality of our products and we’re sure you’ll be totally satisfied too.

Our nail lacquer comes from some of the biggest brands of cosmetics in the world, namely Barry M, Stargazer Cosmetics and Filthy Gorgeous London. When you hear such big names make up our nail polish collection then you know you can be confident in the quality and the style of our colours, no matter what style you’re trying to achieve.

How Can Your Resist Our Nail Polish Colours At Blue Banana

We’ve managed to get our hands on colours you probably wouldn’t have even dreamt of being able to put on your nails, but we’re always looking for new ways to help you achieve the coolest alternative styles - it's just part of our job! Some of our wildest colours include:
  • Tangerine
  • Peach Melba
  • Tarnished Gold
  • Neon Pink
This is just the beginning when it comes to our brilliant range of nail polish colours and you really have to take a good look around our selection to appreciate the massive variety that will be ideal for any scene, emo or goth alternative styles.