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King Kong

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King Kong V Godzilla T Shirt (Black)
£19.99was £21.99
An awesome collection of King Kong merchandise is here for you at Blue Banana, and no matter how much you might feel like a huge gorilla sometimes, we’re sure that these awesome movie fashion threads will satisfy your every need and calm you down a little bit! First appearing in the huge 1933 movie, the character has become one of the famous movie characters of all time.

With this brilliant King Kong merchandise you can look as varied as King Kong’s character often is, although we’d prefer if you didn’t turn in to a massive gorilla monster! King Kong himself is often depicted as a vicious monster, although sometimes as a misunderstood hero. No matter which way you see the big gorilla, this clothing is sure to make you look awesome!

Brilliant King Kong Merchandise For Any Film Lover

Since his first outing in the 1933 film, the loveable-yet-fearsome gorilla has appeared in a number of different movies, the most recent being released in 2005. Since the latest movie franchise the popularity of King Kong merchandise has undoubtedly risen from the ashes, and we’re proud to be able to give you a great taster of it here at Blue Banana.

No matter why you’re thinking of getting your hands on some of this cool King Kong merchandise, you’re sure not to be disappointed. If you’re a massive fan of the movies, or you’re simply buying for someone who is, these great pieces of gorilla film memorabilia  are sure to tick all the boxes and keep you happy for years to come!

Quality And Style Rolled Into One With This King Kong Merchandise

With brilliant style and high quality too, this King Kong merchandise is ideal for wherever you’re planning on wearing it. With no worries over quality, you’ll be free to wear these great pieces of movie merch all day and night. So what are you waiting for? Take a look around and add your favourite style to your basket before it’s too late.