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Judge Dredd

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Judge Dredd Law T Shirt (Black)
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Are you the law? Judge Dredd is, and he’s one of the biggest and most important comic book and movie characters of all time. He is judge, jury and executioner rolled into one, and isn’t afraid of executing criminals as soon as they’re caught. Judge Dredd merchandise is so popular because he is amongst the best known comic characters of all time, particularly in the UK, where he was named number seven in the ‘Greatest Comic Character Of All Time’ list by Empire magazine.

Although originally simply a comic book character, we’ve now got our hands on some of this brilliant Judge Dredd merchandise after two very successful films, firstly starring Sylvester Stallone in 1995 and secondly in 2012, starring Karl Urban as Dredd. These two films in particular resulted in a huge rise in popularity of Judge Dredd related fashion and accessories.

If He Is The Law, Judge Dredd Merchandise Is The Fashion!

On top of the two films, there have been several different games created in honour of the comic hero, as well as several board games and other playable Judge Dredd merchandise. We’re happy to be able to bring you some great Dredd fashion here at Blue Banana, and with some of the coolest movie fashion right here, you won’t need to go anywhere else for your film t shirts.

You’ll be in great company when you’re wearing this Judge Dredd merchandise, and if you know someone who is a massive fan of the film this will be an ideal present for birthdays, Christmas or just as a thoughtful gift at any time of the year.

Quality Judge Dredd Merchandise For Your Wardrobe

All of our excellent Judge Dredd mechandise is brilliant quality, so you can be sure that it’s going to go the distance, just like Dredd himself would! Whether you’re going to the cinema to watch the newest comic book hero film, or simply popping down to the comic book shop for a new addition to your collection, these movie fashion accessories will suit you perfectly!