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Paragon Paws Skinny T Shirt (White)
£10.00was £17.99
Take a look at some of this awesome Paragon clothing which features some great animal and gothic designs, including some cool owl t shirts, wolf sweaters and skull tank tops. With very plain backgrounds and interestingly bold designs, youíll be sure to get noticed in these clothes.

All of this Paragon clothing is made from really high quality materials, since we here at Blue Banana donít believe that you should have to put up with fading designs and poor quality fabrics, because we know that youíll want to show off your animal-inspired clothing as much as you can.

Awesome Paragon Clothing For A Stunning New Look

It doesnít matter where youíre heading, Paragon clothing is sure to turn heads whether youíre out for a day of shopping or going out for the night. Although they donít possess the brightest colour, that isnít necessarily a bad thing, since bold and simple designs such as these can have just the same amount of impact as a bright green t shirt.

If youíre a fan of wearing animals on your clothes, but donít want to harm any to do it, this Paragon clothing range is just for you and is sure to keep your craving for animal fashion covered. When you get bored of your owl t shirt, just pop on your wolf sweater and give yourself a totally new and ferocious look instead!

Look Wise Or Look Fearsome In This Paragon Clothing

Some of the designs in this Paragon clothing range are a little bit gothic and frightening, especially the skull motif which is available in t shirt and tank top form. You might shock a few people if you decide to wear the skull design, but that can only be a good thing, since they will clearly be taking more notice of your fashion from then on!

Donít delay Ė get your hands on some of this wonderful Paragon clothing today, and if this tees just arenít up your street, why not check out some of our other t shirts, all available at great quality and even better prices!