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Plasma Gold Circular Barbells

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Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.6mm Circular Barbell (Gold)
Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.6mm Circular Barbell (Gold)
Making an impression like no other piece of jewellery can, these plasma gold circular barbells are one of the most popular types of jewellery for any number of piercings. Allowing you to add the element of bling that you’re looking for to any piercing, these golden pieces of jewellery will allow you to express yourself, and we’re sure that you’re going to love the attention these eye-catching barbells will get you.

Great Plasma Gold Circular Barbells Collection

You’ll probably decide to recommend these plasma gold circular barbells to your friends who have piercings as well, because they will all be asking you where you got them from, and are sure to be hugely jealous of your new bling look. It doesn’t matter where in your ear you want to wear these pieces of gold coloured titanium, because they happily sit wherever a circular barbell is designed to go.

Made from high quality titanium and coloured gold, these plasma gold circular barbells are amazingly high quality and resistant to the day to day demands of life, while being so incredibly lightweight and comfortable that you might even forget you’re wearing it. With the popularity of titanium, which took off in the 1990s, these barbells are becoming more and more sort after, and you can get your hands on one today.

Plasma Gold Circular Barbells Fit Brilliantly

Never fear, these plasma gold circular barbells will be able to slot happily in to any piercing where you would normally be happy to fit a circular bar, just don’t try to force them in to a piercing where wearing one is going to be painful or uncomfortable. If you’re looking for straight or curved barbells instead, you can also find them in the plasma gold range.

Note: This plasma gold jewellery is made from titanium however it is coated with PVD teflon which gives it it's hypoallergenic properties. It's virtually impossible to be allergic to this material!

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