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Coloured Titanium Ball Closure Rings

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Coloured Titanium 1.6mm BCR (Rainbow)
Coloured Titanium 1.6mm BCR (Rainbow)
At Blue Banana we’re passionate about jewellery, and we’re passionate about colour, and that’s why we love these coloured titanium ball closure rings so much. With these great rings which are made from the finest titanium and coloured wonderfully, you can give almost any piercing a really good colourful lift, which looks just as nice in the summer as it does through the winter months. With such a brilliant range of coloured BCR’s, it would be crazy not to take a look.

Style And Quality: Coloured Titanium Ball Closure Rings

Some of the absolute best jewellery styles now start with titanium, and these coloured titanium ball closure rings are proof of that themselves. Thanks to titanium being such a high quality material, these BCR’s have been a huge surge in popularity because people are recognising that they are lightweight, strong, and very resistant to general wear and tear; great qualities in any piercing jewellery.

Titanium really took off during the 1990s, when it hit the high street in many forms, many as titanium rings. These were worn by thousands of men and women all over the country, before the rise of more alternative jewellery such as these coloured titanium ball closure rings began. Today, not only does polished titanium serve the high street well, but more colourful and bold designs are also sold, like our various collections here at Blue Banana.

Where Can You Wear Coloured Titanium Ball Closure Rings?

Thankfully, these specially designed coloured titanium ball closure rings are only different in the fact that they are a different metal and very colourful, so they will fit any piercing where you would normally wear a BCR, meaning you don’t have to have any worries about whether they are going to fit or not. Take a look around our selection and if you find anything you like, don’t hesitate, because our coloured jewellery always flies out fast.

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