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Black Titanium Ball Closure Rings

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Black Titanium 1.2mm BCR
Black Titanium 1.2mm BCR
If youíre on the lookout for some great black titanium ball closure rings, then look no further. Weíve got rings made from black titanium which can be used in a variety of different piercing types, where you would use any other BCR. If youíre looking to give yourself a great spurt of bold and dark colouring, without reducing how stylish your piercing looks, then take a look at our range of rings.

Black Titanium Ball Closure Rings Ooze Style And Quality

With so many people jumping on the band wagon, black titanium ball closure rings have seen a huge increase in popularity thanks to the high quality material which is lightweight, strong and resistant to day to day wear. No matter what piercing youíre looking to fill with one of these BCRís, they are sure to please you, not only with their quality but with their style and impact as well.

Titanium is widely recognised as one of the most popular metals for jewellery in the modern age. Black titanium ball closure rings really took off during the 1990s, as did many other forms of this jewellery, as people started discovering the massive advantages of the metal. Nowadays there are still a tonne of people who are reaping the benefits of this stylish substance.

What Piercings Suit Black Titanium Ball Closure Rings?

There are very few piercings which donít suit a black titanium ball closure ring, as they can be worn in any area where you would normally use a BCR, meaning you donít have to worry whether or not itís going to fit just because itís a different type of metal than the one youíre currently sporting.

Take one of the best jewellery materials and one of the trendiest colours around, combine the two, and youíve got this range of black titanium ball closure rings which are ready to make an impact on your behalf.

Note: This black titanium jewellery is made from titanium however it is coated with PVD teflon which gives it it's hypoallergenic properties. It's virtually impossible to be allergic to this material!

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