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Pinna Accessories

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With pinna accessories like ours, you can enjoy chopping and changing between different add ons. Each time you get the itch for a new look or you feel your ear deserves an alteration, these accessories are the quicker alternative to changing your entire barbell or BCR. Just as important as your clothes for defining your trend and personality, your piercings are a part of your style so they shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Altering Your Piercing With Pinna Accessories

Although your pinna accessories can be changed regularly, they shouldn’t be altered every day in fear of this process irritating your piercing. Sometimes, however, you want to modify your ear piercing for one night or day for a special occasion or event, and this is where our accessories really come in handy.

Our pinna accessories can be used on a number of different BCRs and barbells by being threaded or screwed onto the ends. You might fancy a seamless ring instead, which means accessories won’t be necessary but you can always pick a few up for future jewellery. From spike add ons to dice, jewelled balls to rubber ticklers, all you could ask for is in this range. With every corner covered, you can enjoy spending time searching for the perfect accessory.

Top Quality Accessories For Your Pinna Piercing

Crafted from surgical steel, titanium and gold, the pinna accessories here are available in a wide choice to make sure different personalities, trends and styles are taken into consideration. Whether you want to create a funky two tone effect or try something pretty, these accessories are not to be missed. Extremely high quality as well, your pinna accessory has been made to last so make sure you get looking for yours today.

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