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Ear Studs

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Alchemy Gothic Bat Stud Earrings (Silver)
Alchemy Gothic Bat Stud Earrings (Silver)
When it comes to your ear piercing, adding some ear studs is a great way of giving it a fresh look, especially if youíre tired of the standard earrings and want something a little bit different and perhaps a little bit bolder.  Taking in to account all the different varieties of studs that you can get your hands on, you may feel like you donít know which to pick, but thankfully our great value for money means you can get more than one if you choose to.

Top Quality And Top Fashion With These Ear Studs

The ear piercing is undoubtedly the most popular body modification in the world, and these ear studs are a great way to show it off if youíve got one. They are wonderfully styled in a variety of different bright and dark colours, as well as in some weird and quirky designs which will really get people looking.

With several hundred different types of studs available, youíre sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to which ear studs youíre going to pick, but always remember to value the quality of your jewellery above the fashion, even if your heart is telling you otherwise. The best body jewellery and studs are made from materials which are less likely to be rejected by your body, and hypoallergenic metal is the best for this.

Take Great Pleasure In Ear Studs Making You Look Amazing

No matter colour or style youíre after, there is a piece of jewellery in our ear studs section here at Blue Banana which is bound to suit you down to the ground. With the amount of different studs which are available youíll be happy to know that you will be totally equipped to change your look at a momentís notice, no matter where you are. However, if you're more interested in ear rings, take a look at our collection of BCR's instead.

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