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Daith Accessories

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With daith accessories you can change the style of your piercing without having to remove the entire BCR or barbell. Instead of purchasing whole new pieces of jewellery, you can start your own personal collection of add ons and accessories. Available in an array of colours, jewels and shapes, this range of add ons gives you nothing but choice.

The Piercing Has Healed – Time To Get Daith Accessories

As daith accessories are available in such a vast range, it shouldn’t be too tricky to find the one for your piercing, unless you can’t decide between a few designs. In that case, we suggest you get all of them especially as they’re at such low prices. Perfect for your BCR or barbell, even a simple accessory can make an impact on your piercing and give it a fresh look.

The best thing about daith accessories is the fact that they can be simplistic, sophisticated or fun. Due to the positioning of the piercing, BCR’s or rings are most effective and the accessory is used as a closure. Barbells, however, are straight or curved bars with two ends which can be accessorised. This can be anything, from a glitter ball to a novelty dice, a spike to a jewelled ball, the choice is yours.

Making Sure Your Daith Accessories Are Comfortable

It’s important your daith accessories are made from the same material as your bar or BCR too, just so you stick to what your skin is comfortable with and for matching colours of course. Having said that, it is completely your own decision which accessory you go for. With surgical steel, titanium, gold and even rubber add ons available you won’t find a wider range than the one we’ve put together. Take a look through today and pick up some body piercing accessories at affordable prices.

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