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Conch Studs

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With conch studs like ours, you can change the look of your piercing quickly and without having to spend a fortune. Coming in a selection of different prints, jewels and colours, these studs are important for making an impact. A labret stud is the usual choice when it comes to customising the piercing. This straight, flat back bar is comfortable to wear and is easily changeable for a new look.

How To Choose The Right Conch Stud

Looking through a large range of conch studs can be confusing and quite daunting, but it means you wonít run out of choice. Bearing this information in mind, the labrets also come in different lengths and gauges depending on your piercing size. This means you have full control over the colour, size and material of the jewellery.

As conch studs are the usual choice for this type of piercing, itís no wonder we have such a large collection of them. Already known for being comfortable, the different types of materials available also add to the comfort. We stock jewellery made from surgical steel, gold and titanium to cover a wide range of customers and piercing fanatics.

Customise Your Conch Studs Quickly And Effectively

Lastly, conch studs can be modified and changed with a simple add on or ball. These can be bought separate to the labret stud and this way you have a whole range to search through. Given the fact that your piercing is completely healed, itís time to invest in a new stud for a fresh look.

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