Creating a really wide variety of different looks, silicone jewellery is well known for its flexibility and soft nature, and is often used in silicone flesh tunnels like the ones weíll find right here on Blue Banana. Massively comfortable, itís also a material which is very compatible with the human body, meaning that it is really safe to wear. When inserting a piece of silicone you simply squash the jewellery smaller, put it into the piercing and release, where it will regain its shape without putting too much pressure on the piercing itself. Transform yourself from plain to stunning with a silicone flesh tunnel, which are available in several different styles and colours, which all work to great effect in making you look absolutely brilliant.


Silicone Flesh Tunnels

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The perks of silicone flesh tunnels are too numerous to count, which is why we thought we would list a few for you right here. One of the main perks is the soft and comfy feel that they provide to your piercing, helping you to look cool without having to suffer any discomfort for it. All you need to do is fold the accessory and place it in your stretched ear and voila...

Blue Banana Silicone Heart Flesh Tunnel (Flesh)
Blue Banana Silicone Heart Flesh Tunnel (Flesh)
The more popular stretching of piercings becomes, the more popular silicone jewellery becomes as well. Our range of high quality and stylish silicone piercings have the ability to give your piercing a great look, and while this jewellery should not be used to stretch piercings itself, itís great once you have gauged up to the size you want. Coming in a number of different designs and colours, take a look at our great range today.

Comfortable Silicone Jewellery Is An Excellent Choice

The biggest advantage of silicone jewellery is that itís one of the most comfortable materials that jewellery can be made from, due to its squashy and hugely flexible nature. Youíll probably find that if you know any massive fans of skating or cycling, theyíll recommend this material for jewellery because of how comfortable it is when wearing protective headgear or headphones.

The popularity of silicone jewellery is not only because of its flexibility and safety, although this is high on the list of why people are choosing to use it. Not only is it one of the safest pieces of jewellery, letís not forget that it has the potential to look brilliant as well, especially when used as a flesh tunnel.

Silicone Jewellery: Easy To Care For And Very Safe

If you ever need to clean your silicone jewellery, which you should be doing in order to keep it free from dirt and reduce the chances of infection, then make sure you clean it with soap and warm water, being sure to totally dry the piece of jewellery before reinserting it in to your body.

One thing to be aware of so as not to cause embarrassment, is that silicone jewellery has the habit of discolouring when exposed to chlorine, so if youíre thinking of going swimming, it might be wise to remove it before you dive in.

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