Surgical Steel

A very traditional body jewellery material, surgical steel jewellery can be extremely bright, shiny and very attractive and is commonly used for navel bars. Thanks to its excellent resistance to general wear and tear and its general strength, this material is still the most commonly used metal in body jewellery today. As well as being used in belly bars, this wonderful metal is commonly used to make flesh tunnels and flesh tubes as well, making it ideal for anyone who is considering stretching their piercing and is looking for a great piece of eye-catching jewellery to wear afterwards. We've got a great range of surgical steel piercings in which you're sure to find something to suit you, no matter how alternative your style is.


Surgical Steel Navel Bars

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If you’re searching for a great collection of surgical steel navel bars then you’ve come to the right place at UK piercing specialists Blue Banana. We’ve got a great range of belly bars which can add some really sparkle and character to any belly button piercing, and it doesn’t matter what colour you’re looking for, because we’ve got such a wide variety of shades as w...


Surgical Steel Flesh Tubes

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Just another part of our awesome body jewellery collections, surgical steel flesh tubes are extremely simple but fantastic looking pieces of jewellery. No matter what sort of style you fancy, these flesh tubes are brilliant ways to make your flesh hole eye-catching, and they are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your gauged up look. Sur...

Blue Banana Flared Steel Flesh Tube
Blue Banana Flared Steel Flesh Tube


Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnels

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As UK piercing specialists, Blue Banana are proud to offer our customers a great selection of surgical steel flesh tunnels, which can add a real sense of sparkle, glamour and most of all shine to any stretched piercing. No matter what style you’re looking for, we’ve got a massive variety that means you are sure to find something that is going to match your alternative...

For a great piece of body jewellery, why not take a look at our surgical steel jewellery collection of tubes, tunnels and even navel bars, which can add some real character to any belly button piercing, no matter what colour or style you’re after. As it is such high quality material, you’re sure to keep coming back to Blue Banana for your next accessory too!

You’ll probably find that surgical steel jewellery makes up the majority of the piercings you will find in many shops and online, however you may find that these numbers are dropping because of EU laws which state that new piercings must only be pierced with a material that has extremely low contents of nickel. While surgical steel does have low contents of nickel, it is not low enough to meet these EU requirements, and therefore cannot be used in piercings which still require healing

Surgical Steel Jewellery Is Still Hugely Popular

Despite this set back, surgical steel jewellery is still amongst the most popular type of material for piercings for tonnes of people who love body modification, thanks to the brilliant shine it creates when polished nicely, meaning these piercings are often amongst the most eye-catching and gorgeous looking. This type of jewellery material is often preferred over polished titanium solely because of the shiny look rather than comfort, because surgical steel jewellery is known to react to changes in temperatures and cause a little discomfort to people wearing this metal in sensitive places.

Advantages Of Surgical Steel Jewellery

It’s true that this material is very affordable, as you can see by our great prices, and it can also be cleaned extremely easily. In addition to this, surgical steel jewellery is particularly long-lasting and very hard wearing, making it ideal for navel bars in particular, as we all know how much clothing can rub on a belly bar, causing discolouration and discomfort.

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