Nipple Piercing

Location: Nipple
Jewellery: Ring, Straight Barbell
Healing: 3 to 9 months or longer

The craze of nipple piercings is becoming more and more popular in the modern age and it is slowly gaining mainstream acceptance. Though piercing the nipples has always had a sexual connotation and is stereotypically associated with alternative sexual experience, many nipple piercings are done simply as a fashion statement.


Nipple Barbells

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The nipple barbells are one of the most common forms of jewellery for the nipple area; this has given us the motivation to seek out new and impressive designs. With titanium, gold and surgical steel on offer, you can choose the material that you think is best for you! Nipple Barbells In Every Colour You Can Imagine Thinkin...

Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.6mm Curved Barbell (Blue)
Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.6mm Curved Barbell (Blue)


Deciding on whether nipple rings or barbells are for you is a massive decision; they both have their perks it is down to personal preference. With all sorts of nipple accessories making their way into the industry of today, there is bound to be something that catches your eye! Nipple Rings In Your Favourite Colour With eve...


Nipple Accessories

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A range of nipple accessories has made its way into our collection recently; this gave us the chance to provide you with an array of suitable styles for your new piercing. We know that this isnít the sort of piercing thatíll be on show all of the time, but it couldnít hurt to let it match your style for that occasion you allow a special someone to see it. ...

Thinking about a nipple piercing for your next piercing? Well, youíre in luck as weíve recently stocked up on our jewellery to ensure your needs are met. With BCRís and barbells ready for you to use, there is absolutely no reason not to start personalising your piercings now! Choosing the right nipple piercing jewellery is essential because you want it to match your look, so we would recommend heading on over to our collection to find one that matches your style. Whether youíre looking for a ring or standard barbell, you can rest assured that we have it here somewhere.

Nipple Piercing Jewellery For The New You

One of the most common reasons why people go for this type of piercing is because of the sensitivity it provides as well as the fact that it looks awesome! The most popular items of jewellery for the nipple piercing are the nipple barbells, this is because they do not cover the area completely, making it less likely for your piercing to catch. Some people often worry about breastfeeding when it comes to this type; if a trained piercer carries out the procedure then you should have nothing to worry about. Many celebrities have been known to have this piercing, including; Janet Jackson, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel and Rooney Mara of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

From BCRís To Barbells To Suit Your Nipple Piercing Needs!

Still wondering on whether or not to get a nipple piercing? Well, while youíre thinking people are buying the designs you would go for, so make your decision now before your favourite jewellery has gone. One of the main cons of this type of piercing is that it is more prone to catch, whether thatís on your towel after a shower or on your clothing. So just be careful and enjoy your new look.

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