Labret Piercing

Location: Lip
Jewellery: Labret Stud
Healing: 6 to 8 weeks or longer

A labret piercing lies below the lip and above the chin. The facial piercing goes through the facial lip and requires labret body jewellery. The flat back of this form of body jewellery ensures that your gums won’t be damaged, though some do find that the jewellery can run against runs and cause them to recede.


You may already be familiar with what labret studs are, but just in case you’re not, they are usually short barbells which have a small disc on one end of the, which is worn inside the mouth, and a ball, gem or other design on the other end, which is shown on the outside of the piercing. What Types Of Labret Studs Are There? There are different t...

Blue Banana Amethyst 1.6mm Gem Lip Stud (Lilac)
Blue Banana Amethyst 1.6mm Gem Lip Stud (Lilac)

The term used in labret piercing comes from the Latin word ‘labrum’, which means lip. Despite confusing reports to the contrary, any piercings that are in the region of the mouth can be considered a labret. As a result, a labret stud can go almost anywhere around the mouth area, giving you great flexibility of style. There are a couple of different types of jewellery that are popular for a labret piercing. Firstly, the traditional labret stud, which is a short barbell with a small disc attached, worn inside the mouth, while a ball, gem or other design sits on the face itself, giving the ultimate style.

Great Jewellery For Any Labret Piercing

There is also the possibility of wearing a ring in your labret piercing, although if you have a very large lip or your piercing is far away from the edge, you’ll need a ring of a decent enough size in order to fit it. You may be familiar with such piercings as spider bites and snake bites, and these too are labret piercings.

Take Care When Changing A Labret Piercing

You initial jewellery size for any labret piercing won’t be the same as you final jewellery size, because you need to take in to account the initial swelling of the area. Your piercer will provide you with more information, but you need to wait until your healing has completed before you decide to insert any tight fitting jewellery.

With so many different variations, if you’re interested in a labret piercing then you will probably be able to find an area where it is going to suit you. With a great range of labret studs available, you’ll be sure that you are going to be able to find a style and colour that you’ll love too.

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