Lip Piercings

Location: Lip
Jewellery: Labret Stud, Rings
Healing: 6 to 8 weeks or longer

The form of lip piercings and various body jewellery is hugely popular in the modern age. Although this art is considered a relatively new-wave trend, lip piercing and body decorating with jewellery have been around since the beginning of time. With several forms of lip piercing around, it's worth doing your research thoroughly before committing to a style.


Angel Bites Piercing

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If you’re looking for great jewellery for an angel bites piercing then you’ve come to the right place. We’re sure that our selection of labret studs will be brilliant for your angel bites, and no matter what colour or style you’re trying to achieve, we’re sure that you’ll find something to interest you right here. If you’re unfamiliar with what an angel bi...

Black Titanium 1.2mm Labret
Black Titanium 1.2mm Labret


Labret Piercing

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The term used in labret piercing comes from the Latin word ‘labrum’, which means lip. Despite confusing reports to the contrary, any piercings that are in the region of the mouth can be considered a labret. As a result, a labret stud can go almost anywhere around the mouth area, giving you great flexibility of style. There are a couple of different types o...


Monroe Piercing

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With a number of different types of lip area piercings, it’s hard to know what looks good and what doesn’t, but the Monroe piercing is one which has stood out in the minds of people all over the world when they think of stylish piercings. The name originated from the beauty spot that Marilyn Monroe had above her lip, and people have been trying to copy this ...


Medusa Piercing

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One of the most expressive and a rarer type of labret piercing, the medusa piercing is one which is placed in the centre of the natural divot between your mouth and nose, which is technically known as the infranasal depression. Sometimes known as the philtrum piercing, it is often worn in conjunction with other lip piercings. Depending on your anatomy and yo...


Snake Bites Piercing

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The snake bites piercing is slowly but surely rising in popularity, its unique look is bound to set you apart from the boring and generic styles of today. Consisting of two piercings on either side of the lower lip, it is one of the most stylish in the industry. With labrets, BCRs and segment rings suitable for this piercing, you can personalise your new piercing how ...


Spider Bites Piercing

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A spider bites piercing is where two pieces of jewellery are inserted close to each other underneath the bottom lip, usually towards the corner of the mouth. There is a growing trend for spider bites especially amongst women, although it is a very popular piercing with men too, who have realised that it can indeed look quite masculine and scary when done correctly. ...

Following on from the ear and nose, a lip piercing is the most popular piercing around the world, and from traditional beginnings where bone, gold and other natural materials were worn in the lip, we have moved on to a time where labrets are now made from titanium, surgical steel and even acrylic, providing great flexibility to anyone with their lip pierced.

The Rising Popularity Of Lip Piercing Isn’t Stopping

You may have heard the term labret a great deal when reading about lip piercing, and that’s because it is derived from the Latin word labrum, which means lip. This means that technically any piercings around the mouth is known as a labret, and many pieces of jewellery for this area will also be known as labrets or labret studs.

There are several different lip piercing variations that you may not have even considered yet, and some lip piercings are not even through the lip, yet through the skin surrounding the mouth area. You could try out a Monroe piercing, aptly named after Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot, which is one of the more sophisticated types of lip piercings available, giving you the real celebrity look.

What Other Types Of Lip Piercing Are There?

There are some other more alternative looking types of lip piercing which are available, for example the snake bites piercing or spider bites piercing which involve direct piercing of the lip to allow the insert of a one or more rings at the sides of the lip, giving the impression of the end of a fang or spider’s tooth.

No matter which lip piercing you fancy, you will be able to find a wide range of different types of jewellery to suit any of them here at Blue Banana. If you’re particularly interested in a Monroe piercing, which is an extremely popular type, head over to our Monroe section where you’ll find everything you need to make this piercing look awesome.

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