Stretched Lobe Piercing

Location: Ears, Lips, And Most Other Piercings
Jewellery: Tapers, Plugs, Tubes
Healing: Do Not Stretch New Piercings

The process of ear stretching, also known as gauging up, has gained recognition and acceptance almost as quickly as piercing itself. There is no one answer for how to stretch your ears, but it should be done gradually and slowly with patience, and should never be forced. Old piercings cannot typically go more than one size at a time, so allow the time needed.


Ear Stretchers

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Our ear stretchers are here to combat dull designs and swap them for fun and funky patterns for your flesh holes. With a range of printed real versions and fake ear stretchers for those of you who haven’t had stretching done then you can still join in with the latest craze. Easy to insert and comfortable to wear, once your lobe is ready you can then change your stretc...

Wood Stretchers
Wood Stretchers
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With our fantastic selection of plugs for stretching your ears, you won’t know where to start. We stock a range of patterned, icon and printed flesh plugs so that we’ve covered every style and taste. As if this wasn’t enough, each plug comes in different gauges so your ear will get the ultimate jewellery. Made from a range of materials, you can choose the right piece ...


Tubes & Eyelets

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This tubes & eyelets section contains all the jewellery you need to create a dramatic effect with your ears. Our flesh tubes have been made with funky cut outs whereas our silver eyelets have been crafted from steel with a hole to give your stretched lobe a see-through effect. Not only are they extremely cool and unique, our body jewellery has been made from steel...


For the full ear stretching experience, tunnels are the ultimate and offer customisation. Basically an ear tunnel is jewellery with two broader ends that provides a cool see-through effect of the ear lobe, much like plugs. One end of the piercing jewellery attaches onto the other, giving it security and ensuring it will sit well in your flesh hole. Available in a wide...

As the stretched lobe piercing has become more and more popular, there is now a wide range of jewellery available to go along with it too. Basically stretching is a form of expanding on a particular area of skin on the face, in this case ear lobes. Starting off in tribes around various parts of the world such as America and Africa, stretching is now a popular form of body modification and is considered fashionable.

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