Snug Piercing

Location: Ear, Antihelix
Jewellery: Curved Barbell, Ring
Healing: 3 to 9 Months Or Longer

The snug piercing goes through the same ridge as a rook piercing, but further away from the face where the antihelix is vertical, which is usually opposite the tragus. It is a difficult piercing to complete, and you may not even have an outcrop of cartilage to pierce in this location. If you do, it must be solid enough or prevent the piercing coming through behind the ear.


Snug Barbells

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Get your hands on snug barbells to transform the image of your piercing and give it a unique twist. These barbells come in a curved shape for comfort reasons and because of the positioning. As well as a curved shape, a circular version is also very popular with snug piercings, ensuring a comfortable and stylish experience. After New Snug Barbells? This ...

Black Titanium 1.2mm Curved Barbell
Black Titanium 1.2mm Curved Barbell


As snug rings are the most popular for this type of piercing, you can expect a large range of colours and styles. Due to where the piercing sits, a ring or BCR is a comfortable option but you need to make sure you have the correct size. To help you with this, our body jewellery is available in a range of gauge and length sizes to fit your piercings perfectly. ...


Snug Accessories

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Sometimes customisation is all a piercing needs, so with snug accessories itís possible to change just features of a barbell instead. From jewelled add ons to steel spikes, you can go for different looks depending on your mood or personality. Easy to screw or thread on to the top of your barbell, your piercing jewellery will be instantly changed. ...

The snug piercing, or antihelix piercing, is unique and done on the bottom part or the ear rim and exits through the interior cartilage. Although little pain is present throughout the piercings procedure, most of the pain comes during the healing process. Considered a distinctive piercing due to its location, body jewellery can really bring it to life.

Keeping The Snug Piercing Safe

If you already have a snug piercing then you might of just finished the gruelling healing process and now is the time to get looking for a new BCR or curved barbell. Both types are perfect for the snug, although BCRs and rings are most common for this piercing. All coming in different colours and sizes, picking up the right one can be tricky.

Before changing the jewellery in your snug piercing, itís important to know what gauge and length size you are looking for. Ours in particular come in a selection of 1.2mm and 1.6mm gauges with 6mm to 16mm length. If you donít choose the right size body jewellery, you are in danger of discomfort and pain which something you donít want after going through the healing.

Tick Off Snug Jewellery Features

With the correct snug piercing jewellery size in mind, now you have an even tougher decision to make; the colour! Along with a range of sizes, weíve also designed each piercing jewellery piece in a selection of different colours for individuality. Not stopping there either, each ball closure ring and barbell is available in titanium, surgical steel or plasma gold, so what are you waiting for? Get shopping for your snug jewellery now.

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