Rook Piercing

Location: Inferior Crus Of The Antihelix
Jewellery: Ring, Curved Bar
Healing: 3 to 9 Months Or Longer

The rook piercing is a perforation of the area technically known as the inferior crus of the antihelix, but it is important to note that some ears do not have the required amount of tissue in this ridge in order for a piercing to be completed. The best jewellery to wear in this area is a ring or curved bar to reduce rubbing and discomfort.


Rook Barbells

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With rook barbells itís easy to make your piercing stand out and get the attention it deserves. Although for this piercing, a barbell should only be inserted if itís in a curved form, this alone will get it noticed. A safe and comfortable piece of body jewellery to wear, curved bars are made from surgical steel, plasma gold or titanium. ...

Black Titanium 1.2mm Curved Barbell
Black Titanium 1.2mm Curved Barbell


We all like our piercings to look unique and with rook rings you can achieve that. Comfortable to wear and safe to insert, ball closure and segment rings are more practical for this type of piercing. Where the rook piercing is positioned in the ear, it can be difficult to find jewellery that fits perfectly. Why Choose Rook Rings? Thatís where...


Rook Accessories

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With these amazing rook accessories, your piercing jewellery will receive an instant and simple boost. These accessories have gotten more popular over the years, especially with barbells. Easily modifiable, you only have to remove the end and replace it with and add on or ball of your choice. Simplistic Rook Accessories For Your Barbell Our r...

The rook piercing is one of the coolest looking but more painful piercings available for your ear. Basically it is situated overhead of the tragus and on the fold between the rim and inner ear, part of the cartilage. Usually BCRís and curved barbells are the choice of jewellery, mainly because of where the piercing is positioned. Only a small curved or circular piece of jewellery will keep the rook comfortable. Once your rook piercing has fully healed and isnít fighting infection, you can start browsing for new jewellery. Your choices consist of curved barbells and BCRís, it may not sound like a lot but trust us when we say there are that many different styles available you wonít know which one to pick.

The Rook Piercing Ė Wear It With Style

As the rook piercing is considered to be painful, like most cartilage piercings, it will take between at least 3 to 9 months to heal, with you being able to change your jewellery after about 8 weeks but this should be confirmed by your piercer. It is also important to remember as well that not everyone can have a rook piercing as it depends on the amount of cartilage in this location.

Accessorise Your Rook Piercing Easily

With your rook piercing being a unique addition to your body modifications collection, itís important that it stands out and speaks for itself. This is can be achieved by a new barbell or BCR, or alternatively you can just alter your barbell with add ons. These can be threaded or screwed on the end to give your piercing a fresh look. With style being covered, comfort is also important which is why these jewellery pieces come in different sized gauges and lengths. Howís that for a rook jewellery collection?

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