Lobe Piercing

Location: Ear Lobe
Jewellery: Rings, Barbells, Studs
Healing: 4 to 8 Weeks

Getting an ear lobe piercing has become commonplace and very mainstream within culture, particularly for women. The piercing of the lobule, which is the fleshy piece of the lobe, goes far back in history and is part of body modification all over the world. The piercing is normally completed from front to back but many different methods can be used.


With the amount of earrings on the market, you might be finding it difficult to choose the one that is going to suit you the best, and thatís understandable given the huge range of colours and styles that are available. These pieces of jewellery are defined as ones which attach to the ear through the lobe or other external area of the ear. Huge Possibilitie...

Coloured Titanium 1.6mm BCR (Blue)
Coloured Titanium 1.6mm BCR (Blue)


When it comes to your ear piercing, adding some ear studs is a great way of giving it a fresh look, especially if youíre tired of the standard earrings and want something a little bit different and perhaps a little bit bolder.  Taking in to account all the different varieties of studs that you can get your hands on, you may feel like you donít know which to pick,...

As you will no doubt be aware, the lobe piercing is the most common type of piercing in the modern world, with millions of people worldwide no matter which gender they are sporting great ear lobe rings and studs, this piercing looks set to stay at the top of the pile in terms of piercing popularity.

There are several types of jewellery which suit a lobe piercing, however regular earrings are not recommended for a piercing which is still healing, which you should always fill with good quality body jewellery like the type in our collection at Blue Banana. With great quality jewellery at brilliant value for money, we're sure you'll love our lobe jewellery collection.

Huge Range Of Jewellery For Your Lobe Piercing

You donít need to be concerned that youíre going to subject your lobe piercing to substandard metals or other materials if you get a piece of ear jewellery from us, because our jewellery is made from the highest quality materials including titanium and surgical steel. All designed to be used in the human body, weíre sure youíll love these pieces of jewellery over the traditional costume jewellery.

With A Lobe Piercing Youíre In A Massive Club

Amongst the easiest and quickest piercings to heal, all these great styles will mean itís going to be difficult to resist changing your piercing before it has fully healed, but you should always wait until the piercing is fully healed before changing over to a new piece of jewellery, even if your new one is a lot better looking than your original!

With a brilliant array of rings, studs and accessories, weíre sure that there is going to be something here to tickle your fancy when it comes to kitting out any lobe piercing. All of our jewellery is high quality and designed to last, providing you with excellent value for money and stunning style.

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