Helix Piercing

Location: Ear, Helix
Jewellery: Barbell, Captive Bead Ring
Healing: 3 to 9 months

A helix piercing involves the upper cartilage and curled outer rim of your ear, which can be done several times, allowing the wearer to wear individual jewellery in each piercing or weave curved barbells through more than one. One of the most popular types of ear piercing, it is a very traditional area to have done, both for men and women.


As helix rings are most sought-after, it would be silly to have just a handful of styles available. Just as well we have pumped this range full with a selection of funky colours and simplistic styles. Sitting just at the top of your ear, itís guaranteed to be on show most of the time so itís important to have your ear looking great no matter what. ...

Black Titanium 1.2mm BCR
Black Titanium 1.2mm BCR


Helix Barbells

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If youíre after a new look for your cartilage piercing, helix barbells in either a circular, straight or curved shape are perfect. Regardless of the style youíre going for, a barbell will give your piercing a fresh image. Change is always good and keeping your piercing different will mean you get noticed for all the right reasons. Change You...


Helix Accessories

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With helix accessories you can quickly and easily change the look of your barbell or BCR. Available in a range of balls and add ons, these accessories are fun and funky. Simple to add onto your current piercing jewellery, you thread or screw on the ball or accessory of your choice. Simple to add, thereís no reason you shouldnít own a collection. ...

The helix piercing, also known as an auricle or cartilage piercing, is found on the rim of the ear. As one of the most popular piercings, the helix is considered stylish and easy to care for. Although it is the cartilage of the ear being pierced, itís not as painful as you might think, unless you already have it done and you know this!

Itís also possible for you to choose where the piercing sits, however in some cases the piercer will decide based on anatomy. If your helix piercing has been done for over 6 weeks and hasnít had any problems, you can now pick from a selection of labrets, BCRs and barbells to replace your existing jewellery.

Selecting Your Helix Piercing Jewellery

As the helix piercing is often on show, itís best to select something that will go with your individual trend or personality. Coloured barbells or gold ball closure rings will make an impact on your look and will give your ear the style it deserves. On top of that, your barbell and BCR can be accessorised with certain add ons.

Choosing Comfortable And Affordable Helix Jewellery

Not only is helix piercing jewellery available in a number of styles and colours, they also come in different sizes. This is so you can choose a piece of jewellery that will fit comfortably in your ear at all times. Having said that, the materials are also taken into account when considering piercing jewellery which is why we stock a range of titanium, gold and surgical steel barbells and BCRs. With a vast range on display, search for your perfect helix jewellery now.

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