Tragus Piercing

Location: Ear, Tragus
Jewellery: Barbell, Captive bead Ring
Healing: 3-9 months

A tragus piercing is where the small overhang of cartilage which protrudes out from the face extending over the opening of the ear canal is pierced, allowing an individual to wear a small piece of jewellery. The piercing is usually completed with a small gauge hollow needle, and because there are a limited number of nerves in the area, the pain rating is relatively low.


If you’re looking for a great set of tragus studs to adorn your new piercing then you’ve come to the right place. With an exceptional selection of high quality and great looking studs to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice here at Blue Banana. Tragus Studs To Grab Serious Attention ...

Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.2mm Labret (Purple)
Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.2mm Labret (Purple)
£2.99was £5.00


Tragus Earrings

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We all love earrings and the stylish look that they can give to a night out with friends, and tragus earrings are no exception to this. Rings on the tragus are eye catching and can bring sophistication and a real sense of style to your look, which is why we stock a range of body jewellery and ball closure rings which are sure to get you noticed with their amazing alte...


Tragus Barbells

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Our stunning range of alternative tragus barbells can be used to give your tragus piercing a fantastic effect and style. With so many varied and different colours, shapes and sizes available, we have the best range of alternative barbells to suit you and your piercing, whether you’ve just had it done or you’re a piercing veteran. As one of the beads on these barbells ...


Tragus Accessories

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More and more people are modifying their piercings with tragus accessories, which gives them the flexibility and style that transforms their ear. Thanks to some wonderful colours and even better quality, you can get your hands on an amazing piercing add-on right here. You’ll be showing off and sparkling in no time at all with this brilliant range of ear piercing acces...

A piercing with growing popularity, getting a tragus piercing is a great way to grab attention and update your style, and it looks great with a range of other ear piercings or simply on its own. This type of piercing that can be worn with a wide range of body jewellery although the two most common pieces of jewellery worn in the tragus are small rings and barbells which give you a great look but don’t make you uncomfortable.

Tragus Piercing Jewellery Selection

With the range of jewellery you can wear with your tragus piercing, you have ever more choice about what kind of style you want to wear. From barbells, BCR’s and labrets, we have a selection of polished and coloured body jewellery that is certain to set you apart. Perfect for wearing daily or on a night out, we have a range of sizes and shapes so that you can find the most comfortable design for you. Get the perfect tragus piercing accessory for you with Blue Banana – we’re sure you’ll love how your piercing will look.

Tragus piercings with rings that are too large or small can cause problems and should be avoided. The best ring shouldn’t be so large so that it gets caught on the antitragus, but not so small that it doesn’t hang properly, as this will also cause irritation around the ear.

Tragus Piercing – A Real Value For Money Body Modification

All of our body jewellery for your tragus piercing comes at excellent value for money, meaning that you can get a greater range of accessories when you buy through Blue Banana. Our coloured and polished titanium body jewellery is sure to get you noticed and is a great way to bring attention to your tragus piercing.

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