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Zumreed Mirror Headphones ZHP-005 (Purple)
Zumreed Mirror Headphones ZHP-005 (Purple)
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The Zumreed headphones we have here at BB come from a brand that has spent the last 14 years ensuring they create the ultimate headphones for their buyer. It all started in 1998, in Japan, where the founder of the company noticed that all the headphones they had seen only featured the colours black and white. They wanted to bring fashion to music and decided to release earphones with more colourful designs. In 1999 they released 8 different designs and started their successful career from there. Now, over a decade later, we stock these incredible Zumreed headphones, so that you guys can get the best style and sound.

Zumreed Headphones Ė Bringing Quality To Music

Our range of Zumreed headphones features funky designs that also bring fashion to your music. The brand has been working extremely hard since they first began releasing new lines one after the other. This constant work ethic has allowed them to be known all over the world for their popular designs. We know just how incredible their designs are, which is why we are offering them to you. They arenít just super stylish but they also feature a quality sound like no other earphones, so you can get the best clarity when listening to your favourite music. Get the most out of your music with our Zumreed headphones range.

Why Zumreed Headphones Are For You

These Zumreed headphones feature sound that you canít fault, meaning that you can get the best out of your music. You will be able to enjoy your tracks personally but feel like you are at one of their concerts, thatís just how good they are! Long lasting, they also ensure you can enjoy your music for longer, without them breaking on you. Give your music a chance with the colourful and high quality designs in our Zumreed headphones range.