Kill Star Horny Skater Dress (Black)
Bright yet dark, strong yet emotional, our underground clothing range by Kill Star Clothing lets you express yourself, whether you’re in the mood for some darkness or want to blast your fashion with some wild colours.

Kill Star Clothing is a brilliant underground clothing brand always thinking outside the box, and developing styles to match. We’ve been great fans of the style since we first laid eyes on Kill Star clothes, which are stunningly designed and excellent quality.

Underground Clothing by Kill Star for the Trendsetters Amongst You

With a growing following on the internet and in retailers such as Blue Banana, Killstar Clothing produces dark and nonconformist underground clothing to suit trendsetters worldwide.

Symbolism plays a huge part in this underground clothing range from Kill Star Clothing, encounters with aliens and witchcraft are two of the most common themes integrated into their threads.

Distinct Underground Clothing Fashion Without Limits

Kill Star Clothing are proud of the way their underground clothing is powerfully emotional and energetic, and you’ll find the deconstruction of denim and use of studded leather and huge prints are common characteristics of Kill Star clothes.

So, whether you’re looking for a bright piece of underground clothing or something with a bit more of a darker edge, then we are sure to have something from Kill Star Clothing to enhance your look.

Start your stunning range of colourful or dark underground clothing from Kill Star Clothing today, and have everyone wondering where you got it the day after. With brilliant prices and an excellent delivery network, you can buy from Blue Banana with full confidence you won’t be waiting too long to show off your new look.