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Kuro Sumi

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We’re forever looking to bring you the best tattoo inks here at Blue Banana, and we think we've hit the nail on the head with this brilliant Kuro Sumi ink, which is recognised as amongst the best tattooing pigments in the world – by both those who have had tattoos using this ink, and by those tattoo artists who choose to use it in their studios.

The name of Kuro Sumi comes from that of the ancient Yayoi Kuro Sumi Tangnuni warriors (now there’s a tricky thing to say with your mouth full!). These were the elite warriors in Japan’s history, whose whole lives were focussed on fighting. They were trained extensively but also believed that they had a heart of a dragon within them, giving them the advantage over their enemies.

Kuro Sumi: The Chosen Few

The warriors who were ultimately chosen to be part of the Kuro Sumi were shown apart from their peers with bold tattoo markings under their jaw and around their abdomen –and were seen to lead the Japanese people with the utmost honour, respect and courage. Eventually, the powers of the warriors were believed to be supernatural, making them an even more fearsome opponent in battle.

These legendary warriors of the Kuro Sumi will live on in the memories of people all over the world, but particularly in Japan. The name is perhaps fitting for this tattoo ink then, which will live on the skin of those who choose to have a tattoo using this pigment for many years to come.

A Special Formula Makes Up Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

This tattoo ink from Kuro Sumi is has a very well-guarded and top secret formula which has been passed down through many generations of Japanese tattooists. All we know is that the ink comprises of vegan and organic materials, and is well known as being made from the best ink ingredients the earth has to offer!

Here at Blue Banana we are also lucky enough to stock Intenze inks as an alternative to Kuro Sumi, should you want to do a little bit of mixing and matching for your tattoo studio.