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In Flames

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We’ve got the best range of In Flames merch here at Blue Banana, so you’ll be able to show your love for this great Swedish metal band wherever you’re going. The number of albums the group have now released is in to double digits and with it their merchandise sales of t shirts, hoodies and other accessories is growing just as fast as their album sales.

No matter whether your off for a night of hardcore metal at an In Flames gig, or you’re simply popping down the pub with some mates, this In Flames merch will fit right in with no problems whatsoever. If your friends don’t recognise the band that this merchandise is inspired by, we’re sure that you’ll have no problems filling them in on all the details!

Grab This In Flames Merch Quickly Before It Burns Away!

No, we’re not planning on setting fire to this In Flames merch, but the sheer speed that it flies out is likely to light something on fire sooner rather than later! If you want to be sure that you’re going to get your hands on a piece of this great band fashion, you shouldn’t hesitate! Get your favourite style into your basket right now to avoid disappointment.

If you’re sat there wondering why this In Flames merch came about, you’re probably not as up-to-speed in the world of death metal as you could be. In Flames are a band that has been credited with being pioneers of melodic death metal along with At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity, who also come from Sweden.

Don’t Compromise On Quality: Get Our In Flames Merch Today!

We’re extremely proud to bring you only the best quality In Flames merch, and that means you’ll be able to keep rocking for as long as you want while wearing any of this great gear. Resistant to fading and incredibly strong too, this music fashion won’t stop rocking until you do – so you can keep going all night!