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American Dad

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American Dad Klaus Pinkie Finger T Shirt (White)
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Our extensive American Dad merchandise range offers a vast selection of designs that everyone who loves American Dad are sure to love. Created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman in 2005, this show has become an international success, because of its unbeatable humour and unique characters.

This show has anything you could possibly want in an animation; adventures, family troubles, hilarious jokes and you canít forget the fugitive alien and talking German fish. The American Dad merchandise in our collection successfully captures the humour of the TV show as well as the elements featured in each episode.

Showcase Your Love Of This TV Series With American Dad Merchandise

In recent years, edgy animated humour has become an international sensation, which has helped American Dad merchandise increase in popularity considerably. With the same creators as Family Guy, it really is no wonder that this show has become as successful as it has! Often criticised for its edgy and potentially controversial jokes, this show has managed to become one of todayís most watched shows in spite of all that. With a mind like Seth Macfarlane working behind the scenes of this show, it really is no wonder that itís as funny as it is. With over 130 episodes already broadcast, American Dad merchandise is an essential for every fan.

For Merchandise Thatíll Make Everyone Laugh, Check Out American Dad

The t shirts in our American Dad merchandise range provide you with the opportunity to bring some hilarious images and jokes into your group of friends. Set in the fictional area of Langley Falls, Virginia, American Dad is set in the household of Stan Smith and his family, whom all of the stories centre around. Each episode often focuses on the day to day lives of each of the family members, giving everyone their moment in the spotlight. So make sure you browse through all of the designs in our American Dad merchandise range today, because of their popularity we canít guarantee theyíll be around for long.