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Shottle Bop

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Shottle Bop Zombie Gone Bottle Earrings (UV Yellow/Green)
Shottle Bop Zombie Gone Bottle Earrings (UV Yellow/Green)

Blue Banana stocks Shottle Bop and a range of their impressive glass bottle jewellery. Bored of standard alternative jewellery that contains ‘poison’? Yawn! How about some Dark Matter, Zombie-Gone or Elementary Elixer as a great looking necklace? This stunning range of glass bottle necklaces and earrings has all the style and humour to make your look completely distinct and they each contain some colourful liquid that is sure to grab people’s attention. Buy your own Shottle Bop alternative jewellery and we guarantee that people will be constantly peeking to see what your necklace or earrings hold within! 

Get Your Glass Bottle Necklace and a Unique Potion Inside!

Whilst Shottle Bop necklaces are not for drinking, they do look spectacular when worn as necklaces or earrings. Glass bottle jewellery is very popular and it’s great to see a UK company take this idea and totally make it their own. Their huge range of designs and bright colourful liquids makes Shottlebop incredibly innovative as well as great looking. Affordable alternative jewellery with a difference, Shottle Bop is the brain child of The Doctor and Miss Lydia, who are both dedicated to creating concoctions that will settle your style and gain you the curiosity of many. Their beautifully designed labels come with an exceptional range of names and subtitles, including some that are exclusive to Blue Banana!

Exclusive Shottle Bop Designs That Can Only Be Found at Blue Banana

Choose Shottle Bop if you’re looking to get some alternative jewellery with a difference, and Blue Banana is proud to be a stockist of this excellent quality jewellery. If you want some colourful style to your look, or perhaps something more dark and gothic, then we even have some totally unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else (not even under the sofa!). With these gorgeous accessories, you can bring something really special to your look and each glass bottle necklace or pair of earrings is made to exceptional quality. Please do keep in mind that Shottlebop necklaces and earrings are made of glass and, while they are made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, you must treat them with the respect they deserve. Check out Shottle Bop alternative jewellery today through Blue Banana!