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Abbey Dawn

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Our range of Abbey Dawn clothing is the perfect addition for those of you who love the punk princess Avril Lavigne. Designing her own range of alternative punk pop fashion, Abbey Dawn clothing seeks to bring something new and is specifically designed to fill an awesome niche that weíre sure youíll love. Looking at Abbey Dawn designs, we love the pins, the attitude and they way they look on, so donít miss out on the chance to get your own Abbey Dawn clothing for a new spin on a classic look!

From the creative mind of Avril Lavigne, this clothing range is designed especially for young women who want to stand out!

Brand New Punk Pop Fashion From Avril Lavigne

Whilst Abbey Dawn is far more than a personal project for the singer/ songwriter, itís certainly got that personal touch that is sometimes lacking when it comes to fashion. Bringing what she wants from her clothing, Avril Lavigne offers a fantastic range of alternative fashion that features classic punk trappings but a totally modern flair. Abby Dawnís name comes from a childhood nickname given to her by her father, but this has become a style icon that is only growing in pace and is now proudly at home in Blue Banana!

Buy Abbey Dawn Clothing For The Ultimate Style Choice

We love Abbey Dawn and feel proud to bring this awesome, alternative range to the UK! As punk pop fashion is on the rise, this brand is the perfect blend of classic punk style and a brand new take on the look. Exclusively for girls and created precisely for those of you who want to emulate the style of Avril Lavigne, this is the perfect opportunity to stand out in a crowd. Abbey Dawn will be a fashion choice that is ideal for followers of punk pop, so donít miss out on the excellent stylingís of a true original.