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Hydes Vice

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Our range of Hydes Vice jewellery and accessories have a unique mixture of classical Victorian and alternative design. Perfect for followers of Victorian gothic style, their iconic cameo skull design features on their many accessories and jewellery. Hydes Vice jewellery features large, bold designs that are sure to get you noticed and a sophisticated Victorian style that they’ve really made their own. There’s no better provider of alternative gothic jewellery so get yourself some Hydes Vice accessories.

Whether you want a Victorian necklace or brooch, your outfit isn’t complete without Hydes Vice and their distinctive jewellery. 

Victorian Gothic Jewellery For Men & Women

Hydes Vice is a standalone provider of gothic jewellery and accessories that is heavily influenced by iconic Victorian design. There designs are sure to be popular and this is the perfect opportunity to stay one step ahead of the crowd before Hydes Vice becomes the next big thing. Their stylish necklaces are perfect for men and women to wear and their brooches can be easily added to a jacket or bag to give you a great sophisticated look. Stylish to the extreme, Hydes Vice manages to mix alternative style and Victorian design, which is perfect for followers of gothic and steampunk fashion.

Hydes Vice Accessories For Gothic Fashion

Stylish and cool, Hydes Vice accessories are excellent for giving your outfit the alternative edge you’ve been craving. Whether you follow gothic fashion or any of the sub genres, Hydes Vice accessories have a unique design that makes them utterly distinct. Make yourself utterly distinct as well with Hydes Vice, a fashion choice that you certainly won’t regret. And because each accessory and item of jewellery has been quality tested at Blue Banana, you can be sure that you’ll be enjoying your Hydes vice products for ages to come.