Complete UK Dancewear in One Place!

If you want dancewear in the UK from some of the biggest and most stylish names then youíll find all the clothes you need to keep up with your pace right here! With our unique collection from Pinapple dance, one of the worldís most famous dance studios and brands associated with dancing, we have a collection of clothing that you wonít have to keep still in! Featuring tops, tees, dancing shoes and bags to store all your essentials, we also have plenty of 80ís themed clothes and comfortable form fitting designs that are perfect for budding professionals. Whether youíre looking for professional dance clothes or something you can really lose yourself in, get UK dancewear with a difference at Blue Banana. et Ready for the Ultimate Street Dance Weekend

So, for the complete street dance online collection there is only one place to shop.  We always keep our finger on the pulse so you know youíll always find the latest street dance outfits here, as soon as they hit the shelves.  From footwear to hot pants, weíve got you covered from head to toe, so why go anywhere else for your street dance weekend needs?  Best of all, weíve tried and tested each and every item we sell, as well as pulling our best moves, to guarantee they will last the distance.  To give you complete peace of mind, all of our street dance online collection is covered by our terms and conditions guarantee, so check it out today.

Dancewear in the UK With A Difference

If you want your dancewear to represent your alternative side then UK brand Pineapple has what you need. Designed to give the best to those who really push themselves to the limit with their dancing, thereís no better clothing to work in. Not only that but we also have dancing shoes and footwear from Bloch that are specially designed for you to get the most out of your dancing. Dance clothes are an awesome way to work out and we have skirts, jackets and even trousers to make sure that you guys and girls have the best UK dance style when it comes to your dancewear. 

Dance in Pineapple Clothing

Choose UK dancewear that can take you to the limit at Blue Banana with some of the best dancing brands around. With all of our dance clothes designed to help your skin breath when itís working out, you can achieve an alternative style even when your dancing! With top brands like Pineapple dance and Bloch at your service, you can get a great new dancewear outfit in just a few clicks, with easy delivery within the UK. We can even get it to you via special next day delivery if youíve got a show coming up and your outfit urgently needs something new. Donít ever stop moving and in our dancewear youíll never want to. 

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