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Disturbia Lightning Leggings (Purple)
Disturbia Lightning Leggings (Purple)
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Brilliantly designed Disturbia clothing aim to bring some of the most interesting designs on today’s fashion scene which shows in their extensive range of Disturbia t shirts. Since its founding in 2003, the brand has managed to become one of the most successful clothing manufacturers in today’s fashion industry.

The director, Francis J Major, has had a lot of experience in the alternative fashion industry previously working for a manufacturer which helped him greatly in creating his own original designs. Most of the designs in the Disturbia clothing range focus mainly around powerful punk inspired designs that make the imagination of everyone who sees them go wild.

Inventive Disturbia Clothing

Many of the designs created in the Disturbia clothing range aim to bring many messages around anti-corporate imagery that aims to suppress all individuality and imagination. One of their most successful items of clothing is their range of Disturbia t shirts that showcase some of the most creative designs in today’s alternative fashion industry.

Many celebrities have contributed to the success of this awesome brand including ‘The Prodigy’ who helped design a collection and ‘Axl Rose and Slash’ who have been seen wearing their clothing. Check out all of the items in the Disturbia clothing range and you can be rocking the same item as your favourite alternative stars. Featuring great men's fashion and well-cut women's tees and vests, you know that Disturbia is the brand for you.

Alternative Clothing By Disturbia

Collaborating with numerous talented artists, the majority of the designs featured on Disturbia clothing have been designed by some of the most creative tattoo artists of our generation. Many of the Disturbia t shirts focus on alternating some of today’s most recognisable images and making them appear darker and more sinister.

Manufacturing clothing for both men and women, this brand has managed to earn itself many loyal fans over the years resulting in their collections expanding massively. So be sure to browse through our range of Disturbia clothing and you can find some of today’s most intriguing designs.