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My Little Pony

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Are you a brony or pegasister that loves all things My Little Pony? Well then youíre in luck because Blue Banana boasts a fantastic selection of official merchandise dedicated to the cute long running pony franchise!

Thereís an impressive range of My Little Pony accessories such as backpacks, handbags and also gifts and more for fans of all ages and genders to get their hands on. So if youíre not embarrassed to admit you like ponies, why not take a good look at what weíve got?

Our Collection Of Official My Little Pony Merch Is Magic!

Thanks to the new My Little Pony cartoon series thereís been a huge rise in the popularity of the long running franchise, and itís not just little girls who get excited over them. Older girls and even guys, surprisingly, are confessing their love for MLP. We at Blue Banana havenít overlooked this phenomenon and have brought a wide range of My Little Pony merchandise for fans to indulge in!

Weíve got a fantastic selection of official My Little Pony merchandise that includes a mixture of high quality gifts, accessories and more. These are dedicated to both the classic My Little Pony toy and cartoon franchise and the new generation of ponies based upon the hugely popular Friendship Is Magic cartoon thatís spawned the weird and wonderful brony fandom.

If you love MLP in any of its forms, you can get yourself a cool My Little Pony backpack from Loungefly. These high quality rucksacks, ideal for school or college, come either representing the classic ponies or the newer designs. You can also get your hands on a cute handbag featuring plenty of adorable ponies. Thereís so much more to appreciate too within our collection of MLP merch too, so get a good look at it all.

There's No Place Like Blue Banana For My Little Pony Gifts!

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So if you consider yourself a hardcore brony, pegasister or perhaps just really like ponies and want to get all nostalgic over your favourite childhood toys, donít miss out on our fantastic selection of official My Little Pony merchandise!