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Intex Double Fabric Air Bed (Black)
Intex Double Fabric Air Bed (Black)
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If youíre planning on camping out at a festival this summer then donít miss out on an absolute essential from Intex thatíll ensure you get a good nightís rest. Blue Banana has high quality inflatable air beds from Intex that are bound to make your weekend a little bit more comfortable.

Our Intex air beds and other essential outdoor and camping supplies come in a choice of sizes, with both double and single beds available. Whether sleeping alone or sharing with a partner or friends, getting a good nightís rest after partying hard all day at a festival is no longer an issue.

High Quality Air Beds From Intex

Intex Recreational Corporation specialises in garden and outdoor, with a wide variety of products including swimming pools, camping equipment, inflatable toys, boats and air beds. Everything made by this reputable company is of the highest quality and they aspire to provide customers with the best summer and outdoor supplies around.

Intex air beds are well known for their high quality and reliability that makes them perfect not just for when guests come over and stay but when camping in the great outdoors. Theyíre comfortable, easy to inflate and durable enough to ensure they donít puncture easily. This has made them a popular choice with those attending festivals that need their beauty sleep.

In order to make sure festival goers can get their beauty sleep too, Blue Banana has a great choice of Intex inflatable air beds up for grabs. We have beds of various sizes that are absolutely perfect for camping out Download, Reading & Leeds or any other big musical event. Blue Banana believes having a good time at a festival shouldnít come at the cost of comfort.

Intex Festival Camping Essentials At Blue Banana

  • High Quality Air Beds From Intex
  • Durable, Comfortable & Easy To Inflate
  • Must Have Festival Camping Essentials  
Thereís a good choice of Intex air beds to add to your list of festival essentials. If you have the luxury of your own tent or are on a small budget, then thereís a handy single bed. If youíre sharing a tent with friends or a partner then perhaps the double bed would be a better alternative? Both are easy to inflate, durable and of course extremely comfortable.

High quality air beds from Intex are a festival essential anyone that values comfort and a perfect nightís sleep needs. With both single and double varieties available, featuring comfortable and durable designs, you really canít afford to miss out on them!