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Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms (4 Pack)
Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms (4 Pack)
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If youíre hoping to hook up with someone at a festival, make sure youíre well prepared with some Skins condoms for protection. These high quality male contraceptives not only help avoid unwanted pregnancies, but also protect the wearer from STIs.

Blue Banana has a great variety of Skins condoms to choose from, available in different sizes and styles to ensure both partners have a pleasurable sexual experience. Theyíre an absolute essential, and as the brand says, "never go in without a skin!Ē

Never Go In Without A Skin!

Skins is a high quality manufacturer of contraceptives, and their condoms are highly popular with both guys and girls for their comfort and style. Skins are designed to be as comfortable as possible for both partners with the aim of not only preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but also creating a natural feeling sexual experience.

Skins condoms come in many different varieties, tailored to suit everyoneís needs. There are those of different sizes, including extra-large, others designed to provide a more natural feeling during sex whilst still offering reliable protection, and also those designed to enhance the stimulation and pleasure for both partners with dotted and ribbed styles.

Condoms like Skins are an essential extra everyone should take to a festival, even if they arenít planning on having sex. With STIís all too commonly spread between young people, and accidental pregnancy always a risk too, itís best to be on the safe side and be prepared should you get lucky.

Avoid Leaving A Festival With More Than Happy Memories With Skins Condoms

  • Reliable & Comfortable Condoms
  • A Great Variety Of Styles & Sizes For Increased Pleasure
  • Affordable Protection From Pregnancy & STI's
Blue Banana has a great range of affordable Skins condoms to take with you to a festival, including a great variety of styles and sizes. These include dotted and ribbed, natural, extra-large and ultra-thin condoms, as well as a mixture of all three. Each comes in 4 packs, giving you enough protection for an entire weekend. If youíre going to have sex it should be fun as well as safe.

So if youíre going to a festival with a partner, or are hoping to get lucky, then donít forget to bring a pack of skins condoms. With a great variety of affordable designs on offer here at Blue Banana, you really canít afford to go without them!