D.S. Balber Glowstrings
D.S. Balber Glowstrings
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If you’re obsessed with the fantasy steam powered cult of steampunk then you’ve come to the right place! Blue Banana has a fantastic range of steampunk inspired t shirts created by independent clothing designer D.S. Balber, specialist in all things cogs, gears and Victorian style.

D.S. Balber t shirt designs for both men and women feature a wide range of everyday objects given a steampunk style makeover that’s bound to appeal to those that love the alternative fashion subculture. If you really love the steam powered cult of steampunk, you owe it to yourself to check out these fabulous tees!

Explore The Steam Powered Designs Of D.S. Balber!

D.S. Balber is an independent designer that loves everything to do with steampunk, the alternative subculture inspired by fantasy, the Victorian era and steam powered machinery. Bringing his love of steampunk to t shirts he gives seemingly normal everyday objects, animals and even vehicles a steampunk makeover, adding gears, cogs and clockwork to them so that they have that quintessential steampunk edge.

These awesome t shirts from D.S. Balber make the perfect way for steampunk fans to casually show off their love of the culture, whether it’s the fashion, aesthetics or even media that they adore about it. They also make a great alternative to wearing a full on steampunk cosplay outfit on a day off from transforming into your steampunk alter ego.

There’s a wide range of t shirts designs for both men and women to enjoy in Blue Banana’s D.S. Balber collection of custom printed tees. If you like animals, perhaps you’ll enjoy a Clockwork Elephant t shirt? Music fans will also probably appreciate the steam powered guitar t shirts. Other designs include a mechanical skull, machine hand, flying taxi, cars, trains and even steam powered robotic women prints.

Custom Printed Steampunk T Shirts For You!

  • Steampunk Inspired Designs From D.S. Balber
  • Custom Printed 100% Cotton T Shirts For Men & Women
  • Perfect For Steampunk & Retro Fans
All of the D.S Balber tee designs are custom printed by Blue Banana with 100% cotton t shirts, meaning they’re comfortable and likely to survive for many years. We ensure all of our custom printed tees are up to scratch to avoid disappointment and because we print them ourselves, we’ll always have the perfect size available for you!

With custom printed tees featuring seemingly normal objects given steampunk makeovers up for grabs, if you love the Victorian inspired fantasy subculture of steampunk, then you really can’t afford to miss out on the unique designs of D.S. Balber and his amazing t shirts!