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Skeletor Lounge Pants (Multi-Coloured)
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Behold the power of Castle Grayskull at Blue Banana with this range of official Skeletor merchandise featuring the iconic He-Man villain! Anyone that fancies indulging in a built of shameless childhood nostalgia should definitely check out this amazing selection of Skeletor themed goodies.

With a great variety of Skeletor merchandise on offer that includes clothing such as lounge pants, t shirts and other cool gifts, youíll be able to show your appreciation for the retro cartoon bad guy thatís become a fondly remembered character of the 80s.

Remember A Classic Childhood Villain With Skeletor Merchandise At Blue Banana

Skeletor is the villain of the cartoon and toy franchise He-Man and is an iconic figure of the 1980s for children growing up in that decade. He is the enemy of Prince Adam, aka He-Man, and seeks the power of Castle Grayskull to take over the world. Skeletor wears a purple suit with a hood and his face is a bare skull. Heís cunning, intelligent, able to wield mystical powers, and totally evil.

Skeletor was initially just an action figure as part of the He-Man toy collection created by Mattel, but he was also the star of a cartoon adaptation of the franchise, He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe. Many children of the 80ís loved watching his evil deeds on screen and played with his toys and he has become an iconic figure of popular culture.

He-Man toys and cartoons are still popular today even. This has means Skeletorís evil legacy has lived on, in new childrenís imaginations and those of nostalgic adults too. Kids, and even big kids who should know better, still love the iconic villain, which has led to a great deal of He-Man merchandise becoming available featuring Skeletorís image. These not only include the classic collectible toys, but also clothing, accessories and various gifts.

Indulge Your Evil Side With Something Special Featuring Skeletor

  • Official Skeletor Branded He-Man Merchandise
  • Various Clothing & Gifts Featuring The Iconic Villain
  • Ideal For Nostalgic Fans Of The He-Man Franchise
Blue Banana has a fantastic range of Skeletor branded merchandise for fans of the classic skeletal villain to enjoy. This includes clothing such as awesome lounge pants, which are not only perfect for sleeping in but also chilling out in whilst watching cartoons. Skeletor goodies are also great to antagonise fans of his arch nemesis, He-Man, with.

So if you grew up loving the bad guy from when you were a kid, or perhaps just like the He-Man cartoons as a guilty pleasure, then you wonít be able to resist our official merchandise collection, here at Blue Banana!